• Choosing a backpack for sports

    Running Backpacks

    If you are looking for a backpack for running, then this already has its own characteristics. Anyone who has ever tried to run with a bag over their shoulders knows that at the slightest acceleration it starts to throw it from side to side. Therefore, for a comfortable run, it is recommended to choose a backpack that is lightweight, with a ventilated padded back and additional straps for a secure fit on the body. Such models have already defined aerodynamic properties, which reduces resistance while running while allowing you to carry a "payload". https://mysticmountainnaturals.com/how-to-pick-a-nice-beach-bag/

    What should be a backpack for running:

    • pocket for a hydrator with special holes and loops for fixing the tube; 
    • adjustable and relocatable chest strap and belt with zip pocket; 
    • elastic belts for a jacket or sweater; reflective inserts. 

    These backpacks are tightly fixed on the runner's body and are practically not felt during movements, and weigh only 150-200 g. So an athlete with such assistants can autonomously overcome long distances.

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